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Rewire Your Head, Change Your World

The number one thing that goes wrong as we age is inflammation.

Inflammation is part of the body’s immune system; it’s meant to protect you. If you have an infection or an injury, like a sprain, inflammation helps destroy and remove the damaged tissue. In the case of the brain, if you’re starting to accumulate the pathology that causes Alzheimer’s disease—which happens in just about everybody after a certain age—certain bundles of nerve cells start dying, and the brain responds with inflammation to clean out that area.

But with chronic inflammation, tissue from organs all over the body is constantly being removed, and that eventually leads to lesser functioning of those organs. Inflammation is wear and tear on our entire bodies: our joints, knees, elbows, even our brains. Every single tissue and organ starts to wear down based on too much usage. I play basketball twice a week and my knees are gone—I have to wear braces. What makes my knees hurt?


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